5 Awesome Ways To Send E-Mail Campaign

Yashu Mittal

It’s no secret that email is neither the most exciting nor flashy channel. In fact, many industry leaders have been predicting the death of email for years.

However, despite email’s less-than-stellar reputation and predictions of its downfall, the channel endures and remains one of if not the most engaging and ROI friendly platform available to marketers.

But in a world that’s been sending and reading emails for years, how can you innovate within your emails and stand out from the pack?

Here are five examples of awesome email marketing to inspire you.

1. Nest: Be Clean and Interactive

This email from Nest delivers all the required information without feeling overloaded. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the product image with the main CTA. Moreover, a well-designed and clearly labeled CTA below the fold offers more information about the product without being too in your face or needing to navigate to a landing page. Subscribers can easily get more information if they need it, but they have all the necessary facts clearly stated up front to drive conversion.

Nest Email Example

Best practices to leverage: Clean and clear design, interactive, well-written copy, attractive imagery

2. Peel: Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

One big mistake often made within an email program is being afraid to push the e-envelope and try new things. Even if you violate some of the “best practices” often promoted regarding email design, experimenting with your emails and using design tactics to stand out from the crowd is among the best ways to build engagement with your audience.

In the following Peel email, the company states a simple value proposition about their product and uses the body of their email to make their point. The result is elegant, comical, and impactful.

Peel Email Example

Best practices to leverage: Creativity, experimentation, impactful design, clear imagery

3. Delta: Be Useful

The best way to keep your email program engaged is to demonstrate to your subscribers that your emails are not only well-designed or promotional, but also are actually useful. Providing information that your subscribers want and need ensures they keep coming back for more.

This email from Delta provides necessary information about an upcoming flight. Everything from the Delta app to packing information is easily available and accessible.

Delta Email Example

Best practices to leverage: Provide useful information up front

4. Dockers: Know Thy Audience and Tell a Story

Every email has an audience, and knowing your audience allows you to craft a message that creates value in your emails. Dockers knows that a good portion of their target audience is at the age where they attend numerous weddings and bachelor parties. The message they create is natural and, rather than just selling pants, they speak to a life event their audience can relate to. Storytelling is always better than straight selling.

Dockers Email Example

Best practices to leverage: Storytelling, understanding audience, targeted copy, directed content

5. Spotify: Surprise and Delight

One of the oldest marketing strategies is to associate positive emotions with your brand. The same idea is true for email. Surprise and delight campaigns remain a hot-button marketing topic because they work. Spotify uses your “favorited and followed” artist to send out pre-sale tickets often worth their weight in gold to fans. Subscribers learn that emails from Spotify shouldn’t be ignored. The email program adds its own level of value to being a Spotify member.

Spotify Email Example

Best practices to leverage: Storytelling, added value, surprise and delight

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