5 Key Steps for Writing Email Marketing Content

Alina B.

Digital marketing has taken over traditional advertising for quite a time now. According to a research paper in the Indian Journal of Research, digital marketing or e-marketing is one of the most innovative mediums for marketing. With everybody having access to the internet at all times and everything just a click away, more and more companies are adopting this method of marketing.

As one of my teammates that helped me with the PrepScholar review told me once: “It’s always good to do something right while doing it”. To make sure you leave no stones unturned while you configure email marketing contents that will help you convert a lead into sales, I have gathered some tips for email marketing that you do not want to miss below.

1. Target Your Audience

Segmentation is crucial when it comes to marketing. You must know who your audience is and what they want from your product. Age, gender, location, or income among others are factors that affect peoples’ interests. Gaining information on your target audience is the first step to drive successful email marketing.

When you target your audience for sending out emails, you reduce the chances of spamming your customers’ inbox with information to products or services that they have no use of. If a product has no use for people above 40, make sure to send out the email to people who are below that age.

2. Personalized Emails

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, personalizes every email they send out using every ounce of information they have on their customers. Users’ on-site behavior, spending habits, history of purchases, location, gender, and age are all taken into consideration before an email is sent.

When a woman of a certain age group buys an outfit, Amazon sends out an email including pictures of models of the same age group wearing various outfits from the store to pique their interest. Some companies have begun adding personalized statements that they are privy to in their emails to show the customers that they care.

3. Get an Attention-Grabbing Subject

The subject of the email is the first thing that is seen by the customer and will set the wheels in motion. Make it count. Have a simple yet creative subject line for your email. Your subject line must depict the message you want to convey to the reader. According to marketing experts, a humorous and creative subject line speaks to a reader more than anything else. Subject lines that have the customers name on it followed by something of their interest are most likely to be read.

4. Perfect Your Preview Text

A preview text is a fragment of writing pulled from the body of your email. It is displayed underneath the sender’s name and subject line in the inbox. When a person gets an email they read the preview text and decide whether or not to open the email and read its content. Preview text is like a teaser of the email. So, if this piece of text is attention-grabbing and read-worthy, you have a guaranteed reader and a possible lead into sales.

5. Use Marketing Psychology

Everybody has different preferences and receiving an email relevant to their preferences will result in more conversion. Even when you’re segregating your customers into a concentrated group based on a certain factor such as age or gender, you can likely segregate them even more based on their choices. Such niche marketing takes time and effort, but it can help you reach out to the right customers at the right time.


Email marketing might sound far-fetched in the beginning. It will be a bit tough when you are new to this and you are unable to convert leads as much as you thought you could. When you get a hang of it over time, it will prove to be a great medium of marketing.

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