5 meaningful ways to make money blogging

Yashu Mittal

The burden is to create meaningful partnerships and authentic content — and if I want to really make a living, I have to be about more than just some sidebar ads and affiliate links. Sure, those things contribute, but I have to be meatier than that.

Here’s how I make that happen and how you can make money blogging as a lifestyle brand, too.

1. Write sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are the moneymaker for the modern-day storyteller. They allow you to breathe life into a brand relationship so that it resonates with your readers. You can only do this successfully when a) your followers trust you, and b) you’re good at telling stories. Those of us who make our living as influencers in the lifestyle realm can command a pretty penny for allowing brands to access our creativity and our audiences in this way.

Sponsored posts are the moneymaker for the modern-day storyteller.

And, as other digital platforms have expanded, so has the sponsored post. The opportunity to work with brands has gone beyond the blog to include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram — which means influencers on all of these platforms can find monetary success.

2. Seek brand ambassadorships.

When you really believe in a brand or a product, becoming a brand ambassador can be a great way to make money as well as to build your street cred. And yes, if you want to be a boss at digital influencing, your street cred is even more important than your bank account.

3. Become an expert.

This way, people think of you whenever they think of a certain topic. Even in today’s world, where you can find the answer to literally every question online, experts are able to command respect (and money).

4. Sell something tangible.

Like a book. It sort of takes care of No. 3, plus it allows for an income that doesn’t rely solely on page views. If books aren’t your jam, there are a ton of other things you can collaborate on or create solo that people might actually want to buy.

5. Build partnerships.

You have a cool brand that people love engaging with, and so does other similar blogger who also has the ability to create something beautiful. Maybe it’s time to partner up. Aligning with a complementary brand to create something new is a lucrative way to help breathe life (and money) into your personal brand.

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