Introducing CodeCarrot Profiles - A Whole New Way To Connect With People

Yashu Mittal

We’re reinventing the business card with CodeCarrot Profiles. Now each one to whom you share your profile will have everything they need to know about you, all in one place.

Whoever gets closest to the people wins.

The longer is the means of communication, more you are pushing people further away from you.

Best Communication Model

Our mission here at CodeCarrot is to help business to give them an online presence to increase the reach for their business.

And today, we’re launching another tool that you use to connect with people in a modern and personal way: CodeCarrot Profiles.

Introducing CodeCarrot Profiles: Your Digital Business Card

People expect a direct line with their friend, family while connecting. They don’t want to do on different mode of communication and then wait for hours to hear back.

And now with CodeCarrot Profiles, people will always be able to connect with you directly and personally.

A CodeCarrot Profile is like a digital business card.

Let’s take mine profile for example:

Yashu Mittal - CodeCarrot Profiles

I am the Founder and CEO of CodeCarrot Company

I can create my profile and then share the link with all of my friends, family, customers and the people that I work with. For example:


I can even put that link in my email signature or even in my twitter bio, and then all the people that have the link will be able to:

Reinventing The Business Card

Business cards have helped to start so many conversations over the years. But now with CodeCarrot Profiles, there’s a new type of business card: one that matches the way that people actually interact today online.

How To Get Your CodeCarrot Profile

All you need is to enter your details and hit the submit button. You will get an email about profiles which will contain the link of your CodeCarrot Profile.

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