Comparison between Vue, React and Angular

Yashu Mittal

Angular is a popular, fully-fledged JavaScript framework used to build modern web applications. React and VueJS are up-and-coming JavaScript libraries, and are used to build web-interfaces.

Comparison between 3 different frameworks by Developer Experience

Developer Experience AngularJs Vue ReactJs
Client-side routing X X  
Client-side routing, State-based routing X    
Command line interface (CLI)   X X
Concurrency (synchronization), immutable data X X  
Data binding & change detection/tracking, no dirty checks (good), getters/setters (bad)   X  
Languages, ES6 JavaScript X X  
Languages, Typescript X X  
Lazy (on-demand) loading of client-side code X    
Modularized, route-specific CSS X X  
Module marketplace     X
No build process is required   X  
Observables for databinding a.k.a. KVO X    
Orders module dependencies X    
Preloads client-side data X    
Reload app on file changes X   X
Single source of truth, central state management   X X
Someone is paid to develop and support it X   X
Templating, parsable HTML, no imperative code allowed X X  
There is a book about it X   X
Two-way data binding X   X
Typed X X  
Virtual, shadow DOM   X X
You can still use the technology if you sue the vendor X X  

Comparison between 3 different frameworks by User Experience

User Experience AngularJs Vue ReactJs
Derived, computed properties   X  
Realtime data sync (?) X    

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