Don't Do A Startup If You Don't Have Answers To These Questions?

Yashu Mittal
You will never lose the battle because you fought it, you will lose it because you didn’t knew how to fight?

The most fundamental thing which one has to have if s/he wants to perform any task is that he should have necessary skills and tools to deliver it. Let me make you understand by a knife analogy , we never give a knife in our kid’s hand why so ? it’s because they don’t have the necessary skill-set to handle it properly, so chances are that they may end up hurting themselves or someone around. Their intelligence & awareness has not developed to understand how to use knife properly and for what purpose. So even though s/he has the tool they don’t have the necessary training to operate it in a way it is required.

Having resources doesn’t guarantee that you can succeed. You have to have a necessary training to make it through

Hope you are still with me, today we will together try to understand what fundamental things one has to take care of before s/he decides to start on his new venture(Startup)

  1. Do you have necessary fundamental knowledge Of what you want to do?
  2. Do you have go to market strategy in place? business model has to be well planned before jumping to product development.
  3. Do you have the full time founding team to execute the business plan?
  4. Have you got the conviction to pull it off when things will go extremely bad?
  5. Do you have the necessary budget or funds in place to smoothly run the operation till you reach the Product Market Fit Stage?
  6. Do you have the guts, to bluntly accept that it’s not your cup of tea and pivot or to move on to do what you are best doing at?
  7. Last but not the least have you identified the real problem which is worth solving irrespective of it’s market size. if yes than you are obviously on the right track, embrace your failures and carry on you will definitely love the journey if not the destiny.

Signing-off with a wonderful food for thought based on my practical experiences

At last

Be realistic with yourself and own what you want to do, learn the basics if you don’t know, be the salesman, get the user requirement by going out and talking to them, have first hand experience of what you are trying to do, be patient and be prepared for all the failures which you will face and be ready to pivot your business model as per market needs and user feedback. Learn at every stage and act on that basis and you will definitely be a successful human being if not the richest

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