Effective Marketing Calls to Action

Yashu Mittal

Learn some of the strategy used to deliver effective marketing calls to action.

Calls to action should be compelling with an eye catching and easy-to-understand look. However, they should also offer the promise of great content or services.

Effective marketing often comes down to who has the best content. However, whether you’re a designer or not you still have to lead users along the right path.

Want them to register and fill out a form or download a free trial to install your mobile app, making your content shine by providing effective calls to action.

If you’ve done your job and loaded your website with lots of great content you’re way ahead of the game after all, you do need something to point people to.

With all these calls to action it better to be good part of this process comes down to understanding your users experience what page do they see first, is it the homepage a landing page or somewhere else are they finding you via searches emails or social media.

The question is why are they on your site, hopefully the reason they’re there will match what you want them to do.

However, don’t assume that your calls to action should be the most eye-catching thing on the page as soon as your page loads, your best content should be in center.

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This is why the users came to your site in the first place not to be sold or marketed to.

Don’t distract them, give them what they’re looking for and gain their trust.

If the users have never been to your site before they’re already taking a risk, so deliver the goods and they might be interested in what else you have to offer.

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A strong call-to-action will build upon this trust bringing users to a new part of the site where they can accomplish a new task one more than likely connected to one of your own corporate goals, if you’ve shown them great content, they’ll trust you enough to subscribe to a newsletter.

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If you’ve shown them awesome screenshots and lists of features for your app, perhaps they’ll want to download it visually, your call to action should be clear and eye-catching.

There should be no question that the call to action is clickable where it will lead users and what they’ll get when they get there take all these steps when you consider your content and goals and new users won’t just follow your calls to action they’ll trust.

Whether they exist on home pages or landing pages, calls to action need to work along with content to build trust and convince the user that their personal goals will be accomplished by clicking through.

Pro Tips: Design will only increase your conversions to a certain extent. Combine great design with great content to achieve maximum results.

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