Entrepreneurs - Don’t Neglect Your Health!

Yashu Mittal

Millions of people dream to work on their dream project and few of those bravo’s who have the courage and conviction goes on to venture into their startup, but very few of them manage to sustain. Do you know why ? Well one of the key factor which plays a vital role in keeping startup/businesses in a healthy state is that their founders and key team members are physically and emotionally healthy.

Being an experienced player I can easily say that health is the most neglected part of our daily life, this is one topic which I feel needs to be addressed by all my fellow entrepreneurs if they want to stay long in this game.

I strongly feel that:

Having dreams to build your own startup is not sufficient , you need to build your health to sustain your dreams and build a healthy startup

Where is the problem why we don’t focus on our own well-being? No time is not a Villain

Don't fool yourself by the statement "I am Busy", instead be effective with your time management & be effectively busy.

There must be the reason why lot of startup entrepreneurs who are hustling very often ignore their own health. I think there is a serious problem in time management. Entrepreneurs specially who have started-up struggle hard to priorities their time and health comes last in their to do list. You will very often listen them complaining about lack of time, but personally I don’t think time is an issue. Poor time management skill is what driving this super humans crazy.

We do become the boss in planning our day but that boss has no control over their own wellbeing. What is the point of being a boss of our own destiny when we are not taking good care of our body, which is supposed to enjoy the perk of all our hard work. The journey which is the whole essence of being an entrepreneur is not being enjoyed fully. The freedom which we longed for as an entrepreneur is now becoming the dangerous evil, this very freedom has started to act against us.

What is the solution

We can’t simply complain about lack of time and move ahead, specially if you are founder of any organization, your are not alone, you are accountable for people who are putting their trust on you, and if you are not healthy enough how can you delegate the responsibilities in a healthy manner. Being an unhealthy founder can only lead to an unhealthy organisation. Your behaviour, your managerial skills , your emotional quotient all gets affected if your are not healthy. So there is no other alternative , keep health as your super-most priority in your to-do list and spare an hour or so engaging in activities which can lubricate your body , fuel it with right food , right exercise so that your thought process also gets right.

Cliche: But it is very effective for every human being

Early to bed, early to rise, Keeps you healthy wealthy and wise

But it is not crime if you are a night warrior but make sure you spare an hour from your regular time to play some sports, or engage in dance , 10–15 min of yoga & meditation will help you de-stress yourself and if you can change your habit and start rising early you will do wonderfully well for sure.

My Personal Tips: It worked for me so sharing

I am not a fitness celebrity or big shot for that matter but still I feel as a responsible fellow entrepreneur it’s my responsibility to share my experiences.

  1. Start Your Day Early: Experience early morning beauty of our nature

It’s universally proven that the best way to keep yourself healthy and energized is to start your day early & experience the beauty of our mother nature while taking a walk for min 15–20 min. Feel the fresh air and greeneries around you and connect with them, you will have a best solo time being close to the nature. Also morning hours gives you an opportunity to be social if you share your morning journey with your close friends or partner.

  1. 5 Min of Yoga & 15 Min of Meditation Can do wonders

Our age old Yogic practices has been with us from ages but with the technological advancement it has been loosing its shine. If you can invest 20 minutes daily on yoga and meditation keeping your gadget aside , it will prove to be your best investment decision. It will keep you in right shape and right frame of mind to make better decisions at your workplace. You will have the best experiences when your eyes are closed. Close it now how you felt blissful right.

  1. Be emotionally healthy

Everyone knows that if you are physically ill you need to consult your doctor , take medicine and you will be alright. But nobody give a damn if they are emotionally stressed, feeling low or depressed , we never consult or talk to specialist for it . The largest bread of new age entrepreneur are fighting from depression, they feel isolated and do not speak their plight out. Sometimes they just need some dose of encouragement from the fellow being but they hesitate to speak out about their weakness and want to present the better picture to the world outside, which is really very precarious . This emotional need of yours has to be taken care with highest priority if you are going through some mental trauma. Go and consult your doctor , speak up to whom you trust, don’t take all the burden alone , engage in more social activities instead of burning your energy on social media. Being emotionally fit should be the topmost priority if your running your startup or any business for that matter. You need to invest your time in activities which brings smile on your face, it can be your hobby or profession.

Do spare time for your family they are your biggest health booster, they are your true treasure. If you can value your time you can get all the time to love and be loved. A healthy relationship boosts your EQ and you become more empathic and caring with the people around you. Emotionally fit person gets larger acceptability in their workplace and society so go out and practice empathy you will have no problem whatsoever.

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