Factor Learning to Code into Your 9-5

Yashu Mittal

So if you’re ready to make the commitment, how should you factor learning to code into your 9-5?

Decide when you’ll learn

The first step is to decide when in your schedule you can facilitate learning. Choosing the best time to learn will vary depending on your daily routine, but here are a few suggested times to consider.

Decide where you’ll learn

Once you’ve decided on the when it’s time to establish the where. The environment is important when you’re learning. Try to base yourself somewhere you’re comfortable and if possible, free from distractions. If you do find yourself learning in a busier setting—like your office, in a coffee shop or on a commute—I’d recommend creating an awesome playlist to drown out the background noise and help you stay focused.

One of the benefits of learning to code is that all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Make the most of the flexibility and try out learning in different places till you find the best learning environment that works for you.

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