Firebase for Android Devs - How You Can Benefit from It

Yashu Mittal

We want our apps to contain a richer feature set, more stable, and used by more users. This can cut down the cost of your most important resources: time and money. It would be fortune if someone have already build the solution ready to be used.

Hang on, I got something for you.

Firebase provides with dozens of different services that cover a lot of areas, including app testing, backend options, different app variants and more. It is a mobile and web application development platform.

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Firebase Test Lab

Run automatic and customized tests for your app on virtual and physical devices hosted by Google. Use Firebase Test Lab throughout your development lifecycle to discover bugs and inconsistencies so that you can offer up a great experience on a wide variety of devices.

Firebase Crash Reporting

Reduce your troubleshooting time by turning an avalanche of crashes into a manageable list of issues. Get clear, actionable insight into which issues to tackle first by seeing the user impact right in the Crashlytics dashboard. Realtime alerts will help you stay on top of stability even on the go. Crashlytics is the primary crash reporter for Firebase.

Google Analytics

Analyze user attributions and behavior in a single dashboard to make informed decisions on your product roadmap. Gain realtime insights from reports, or export your raw event data to Google BigQuery for custom analysis.

Remote Config

Customize how your app renders for each user. Change the look and feel, roll out features gradually, run A/B tests, deliver customized content to certain users, or make other updates without deploying a new version—all from the Firebase console. Monitor the impact of your changes and make adjustments in a matter of minutes.

App Indexing

Re-engage users with their installed apps with this Google Search integration. If users have your app and they search for related content, they could launch it directly from the results. If users don’t have your app yet, an installation card shows up when they search for similar apps.

Push Notifications

Send messages and notifications to users across platforms—Android, iOS, and the web—for free. Messages can be sent to single devices, groups of devices, or specific topics or user segments. Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) scales to even the largest apps, delivering hundreds of billions of messages per day.

A/B Testing

Improve your app by running product and marketing experiments, without worrying about setting up the infrastructure to run A/B tests. Customize experiments to suit your goals. Test a variety of updates to your app, like message copy or new features. Then, only roll-out changes proven to move the needle on your key metrics.

Use Dynamic Links to deliver a customized user experience for iOS, Android, and the web. You can use them to power mobile web to drive native app conversions, user to user sharing, social and marketing campaigns, and more. Dynamic Links provides you with the attributions you need to better understand your mobile growth.


Manage your users in a simple and secure way. Firebase Auth offers multiple methods to authenticate, including email and password, third-party providers like Google or Facebook, and using your existing account system directly. Build your own interface, or take advantage of our open source, fully customizable UI.

As you can see, Firebase is a great solution for developers, but that’s not everything Firebase has to offer – for more info about their other services, such as AdWords, AdMob and other services targeted at backend developers, visit Firebase’s website.

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