Free Typography Resources - The Big List

Yashu Mittal

Everyone, even non-designers, can agree that the smallest typographical change can make a world of difference. Elevating designs through typography is a skill every designer should have in their back pocket.

Do you want to become a typography wiz—and, ultimately, an even better designer? We want that for you too! That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the best free typography resources—handpicked, just for you.

Free downloadable fonts

From well-known sites to independent curated collections, downloadable fonts are right at your fingertips.

Typography inspiration

Get your creative juices flowing with these stimulating type resources.

Tricks that will help you learn hand-lettering

Read more: Tricks that will help you learn hand-lettering

Font identifiers

Don’t know that font? These tools will help you figure it out!

Visual font calculators

Use these tools to get exact font measurements.

Font pairing resources

A font match made in Heaven—and you get to be cupid!

PT Serif Regular Then Italic

Pssstttt… Check out the guide to pairing fonts.

This list will never be done

Have any awesome typography resources to add? Share them below in the comment section.

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