How Mobile Technology is Impacting The Humanity?

Yashu Mittal

We as a new age entrepreneur are blessed to be a part of this 21st century revolution which has been mostly ruled by Mobile device and mobile apps. We are easily the most well equipped and most comfortable generation as compared to our ancestors , fathers and forefathers. All credit goes to Mobile and mobility software solutions which has made possible for the people to connect in seconds, transacts at will without investing too much time and energy. They can now multitask and plan it right at their fingertips, billions of dollar are being transacted because of mobile app based fin-tech solutions. All the thanks to mobile app developer community and to the entire ecosystem of mobility.

Lets understand how mobile app ecosystem has shaped the current and how it will impact our future.

Communication: Increased Accountability & Productivity

The biggest contribution of mobility to the humanity is that it has completely removed the communication gap in every aspect of human existence. In split of a seconds contents/information are being transacted from source to destination. Also the records are being maintained where there is no chance of loosing any information which has been communicated , so eventually there is no way parties involved in communication can complaint of information loss resulting in more reliable and efficient system. WhatsApp has slowly become the most widely accepted mobility solutions among small and large business community for quick communication. The biggest plus point of this mobile age solutions are that they are scalable and fits into your pocket.

TV in Your Pocket: On Demand Entertainment

In my childhood days we used to seek permissions to visit our neighbourhood for watching our favourite shows like mowgli, Sigma, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc, then one fine days my siblings and me got super excited when TV became the new member of our family. We were happy to change channels manually to tune into our favourite shows but now in my mid 30’s I can literally see people pulling to pocket TV avaialble right inside their handset and in 5–10 years TV will be replaced by compact and smart cutomisable tv. You can not only view your favourite shows but also record and watch later if you are short of time. Earlier we used to listen song using radio, TV, music player, CD player but now all this has been replaced completely by of our handset, now you carry 1000’s of curated music in your pocket and listen it at will . So mobile has not only entertained us but also helping us plan our time to do so. Mobile has given us freedom to be entertained and work simultaneously.

Paperless And Quick Banking Solutions

In this age of instant gratification standing in queue is no more preferred by youth for their banking related solution and issues. Banking apps have given the comfort of transacting and raising issues right from their mobile applications available at user mobile phone. Payment wallet is slowly replacing cash to a digital currency which can be exchanged for whatever thing you can imagine to buy or transact, human emotions are exception though but still mobile has started to control that too. All financial transactions are being done digitally saving paper and helping us go green.

You are not really digitally smart if you are not on smartphone.

Commerce Has Now Become e-Commerce

Trading has been existent right from our Neolithic and Paleolithic age. But in this digital age it has transformed entirely now the barter system has been replaced by Digital currency like bitcoin. Now you don’t have to travel miles away to transact, you see the product in your e-Commerce application make informed decision to buy out the product and pay the amount digutally. Bitcoin is slowly revolutionizing the financial and banking sector and is widely accepted in exchange of goods of your choice. Earlier commerce was done physically exchanging goods for goods, now we are buying and selling digitally called as e-Commerce. This journey from barter to e-Commerce has been largely possible because of mobile commerce.

Some other prominent impact this pocket size gadget is making

With every advancement we human beings are making in this digital era we just need to be more responsible in handling and putting this gadget to use, after all we have invented this for our betterment and comfort. If we can use it judiciously we will make this world even more better place to live, on a flipside it can become the single most reason for human destruction too.

I will sign-off by giving you a food for thought :

It’s good to be digitally connected but we can’t ignore the value of being physically present for our loved ones. Emotion after all is beyond digital comprehension

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