How To Integrate PayPal With Ruby on Rails

Yashu Mittal

PayPal is a online payments system that supports online money transfers. With the help of this guide you will be able to integrate intercom no time.

We have two different approaches available when implementing PayPal gateway:

Active Merchant

Active Merchant is a gem extracted from Shopify.



I’d recommend Active Merchant only when your project is a shop and requires only simple payments.

Instructions for Active Merchant can be found here.

Official PayPal SDK

PayPal Ruby SDK uses REST API and is recommended and maintained by PayPal.



Use official PayPal Ruby SDK every time you need customized solution and single payment method (PayPal).

Step 1

Install and configure gem following gem README instructions.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with simple usage guide.

Step 3

How to use this SDK in Rails:

At first, create controller which handles main operations required to process payments:


It has four main actions for every step:

Step 4

Good idea is to create a Service which handles some of SDK operations:


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