How to Market Your Small Business in India

Yashu Mittal

Any successful business owner will tell you; marketing is the key to a growing business. And, as Constantin Stanislavsky said, “there are no small parts, only small actors”. So whether you’re selling books out on the street or coaching material on the internet, here are some ideas to market your small business:

1. Build a Website for Your Business

With the rapid use of the internet today, it is very important to have a website for your business. This way, you will be able to easily reach a large audience without much effort.

Websites provide a platform where you can conveniently display the goods and services offered by your business. You should ensure that the website has a friendly user interface and that the prices of all your products are clearly shown. You can ask CodeCarrot for integrating payment gateway with your website, so that you can start collecting payments for your products and services from your website.

Apart from a website, think about a mobile app for your business, if it is financially feasible.

2. Keep Your Customers Happy

Happy customers are the best marketers for your company. Customer satisfaction is an important part of any business. Knowing what the client likes and dislikes enables you to know which areas of your business are okay, which ones should be eliminated and which ones should be improved.

The analytics of your business include knowing when you receive most customers, which products are bought most, how much customers pay, how often a particular customer returns and many other insights. These details may seem small but they help in marketing your business.

3. Leverage Affiliate Partnerships

Don’t take on all the burden of selling yourself, set up mutually profitable systems to do that for you. Starting an affiliate network to help you with the sales of your products is the right way to go. The affiliate program works by having others market your products and in turn, you pay them a certain percentage as commission for each product sold.

Affiliates enable a business to penetrate into areas that it may not have reached otherwise.

4. Market Your Products and Services with Discounts

Try not to undervalue your product by giving it away for free, but the next best way to attract eyeballs is discounts. Use discounts as a marketing strategy to draw more clients to your business, it’s a powerful pull mechanism. You can generate public or private discount coupons or even create links that redirect customers to special promotions sites.

When a customer successfully buys your products at a discounted price, they will in all probability refer others to you and your business will continue to thrive. Either way, once you have a customer it’s easier to pitch to him/her than to a stranger.

5. Build a Database and Up-sell

Keeping a record of your customers is one of the areas where most businesses go wrong. The probability of a person who has purchased a particular good or service returning to order more is very high.

The details that one should keep include the full names, email, postal address and phone number. Include other details that you might deem important, specific to your business. All this can be captured in a checkout form or an opt-in form on your website.

This way, any time you have new products or promotions on offer, you can send the information to all your current clientele.

If you want to get a bit more advanced, you can run drip marketing campaigns. Drip marketing helps you stay in touch with your leads, prospects and customers in an automated way. Drip email marketing is the most common form of drip marketing.

6. Outsource

As a small business owner, you might not have the needed expertise in all areas that pertain to running a business. You might also not have enough resources to hire highly skilled professionals to work with you full time. This is where outsourcing comes in.

Get other people to market your business for you. From designing your website, logo or even writing the content for your websites, there is a large base of freelancers ready to do the job for you at a fair price. This way, your business will be properly presented in order to increase the number of sales. Money invested in money gained.


Always remember that marketing, when done the right way, will boost your income and make your small business grow. The ideas mentioned above will give you a head start.

Once you implement them, you will be able to steadily increase your earnings and sustain business. And of course, should be your go-to if you want to collect payments online!

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