How to Start Free Twitter Marketing

Yashu Mittal

Nearly 313 million users are active on Twitter every month. With real time engagement, Twitter makes it easy for you to engage directly with the target audience. Twitter helped the online ecosystem transform brand communication into brand conversion.

While other social marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram focused on visual first approach, Twitter single handedly changed the management of online identity establishment. Twitter is an essential tool for small business looking to reach out to prospect customers. Here are few simple tips which you can use to start free marketing on Twitter:

Create Profile

Create Twitter profile and use it to communicate with your target audience. Update bio and put your website link. Add custom background and profile pic strategically that clearly signifies the product and segment in which you are operating.

Connect Relevant People

Simple and fast, Twitter allows your small audience to develop and connect with a niche and targeted audience. You can engage people before they become your friends. It makes twitter an interesting marketing platform where you can filter 99 percent of junk that doesn’t qualifies to be your leads.

Use Twitter search to identify the influencers and experts in your segment. Start engaging such people by re-tweeting their posts and participating in the Q/A session.

Use Hashtags

Monitor latest trends as it will help you find a way to make a relevant connection. Run campaigns as per the trending hashtags and reach out to new people. By putting your brand in front of the trending topics, your handle will be seen by people tweeting around that particular hashtags.

Content Marketing

You must give your followers the reasons to follow you back and spread message. Don’t create content for just the sake of creating content. Add value preposition. If you are not sure about the topics, take help from Twitter Analytics. Interests are categorically divided into unique and top. Just use top interests list as it also contains the unique interest topics.

The Twitter Road

Research Competition: Know what your competitors are doing and stay ahead from them.

Build Audience: Engage audience, respond to questions, share interesting links and monitor trends.

Arrange Twitter Chats: Organize your own chat or participate in one. Add value!

Add CTA: Try options such as- Sign up now, Call now, Register Now, Use App, Send Inquiry etc.

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