LogChimp 🐡 A new way to changelog

Yashu Mittal

Keep customers in the loop ➰ about your product with LogChimp.


LogChimp by CodeCarrot is modern way to create changelog for your product, no need to learn any language or tool to use it, it’s just like publishing a blog.

LogChimp website screenshot

At the core it is powered 🌟 by Jekyll and LogChimp default theme and the awesome πŸ‘“ part is, it’s free and open-source.



You must have created a file in your repository which looks quite boring πŸ’€ or the the GitHub releases…

Old way of changelog

Now let’s see 😲 how it looks like with LogChimp

Jasper Logchimp changelog

How to get started?

It’s time to ditch files and get started with LogChimp by cloning this repository.

git clone
cd logchimp-starter-kit
bundle exec jekyll servegit clone

and you are good to go πŸ”°.


  1. Website:
  2. Demo:
  3. LogChimp Starter kit:

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