Sell more properties with these real estate website design tips

Yashu Mittal

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Your website is more than just a piece of web real estate. Properly built and maintained, a site can help you bring in more clients, more sales and greater earnings. It gives potential customers a way to explore what you have to offer, and you a way to sell your services to those who are looking for them. Your real estate website design is a dynamic representation of you, your team or your brokerage, and should be crafted with care and strategy.

When agents join a major brokerage firm — or even medium-sized or more localized brokerages — the onboarding package might include a provided agent website. Those joining small brokerages or going into business for themselves will usually be responsible for building their own websites.

Even if your brokerage does provide you with a website, there’s still a significant downside — your site now looks like 90,000 or so other sites (or perhaps even 200 local ones). How is anyone going to find you or tell you apart from the rest?

With the right real estate website design, you can better attract the right clients and potentially sell more properties.

What to include in your real estate website design?

A large part of shopping for a home these days is online research. People want as much information as possible before ever setting foot on a property. If you can make your real estate website a resource for potential buyers, you will simplify the process. At a minimum, your site should have the following elements to meet the needs of today’s home buyer.

1. Searchable listings

Some statistics show that 80 percent of all property shoppers search online when looking for a new home. If you have the listings right on your site, it will be easy for them to turn to you when they find the one they love.

2. Photos, photos and more photos

Along with being able to search for available properties, customers should be greeted by high-quality imagery the moment they land on your website. We’re talking full-page images that exhibit the beautiful details of the properties you sell.

Show pictures of the available homes, pictures of properties you’ve sold, pictures of the neighborhoods in the area — show pictures of everything. And, more importantly, make it easy to view them.

3. Prominent contact information

However you lay out your real estate website design, make sure your contact information is always visible on screen. In many cases, this means including a phone number in a sticky header, as well as the footer.

It’s also a good idea to have a clear and concise contact page that is accessible through the main navigation of the website.

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