Turn Your Small Business Into a Brand

Yashu Mittal

If you have already set up your small business online, now it is time to turn your business into a brand. Branding your business in a cost-effective fashion could be a tricky job if you do not know where and how to start. We have put together a few quick and easy tips that can help you brand your small business and fetch the maximum gains out of it.

Define Your Brand

Branding your business lead you towards the path of discovering your business better. It requires reviewing and assessment to de-mark its actual position in the market. Start with answering these to define your business:

  1. What is the goal of your business?
  2. How can your products and services benefit others?
  3. What is the image of your business among prospects and customers?
  4. Name the qualities that you can relate to your business.


Follow this Checklist

Do Your Research: Identify the needs and practices of your existing customers and prospects. Try to figure out how and what they think and work on defining your business accordingly. Once you have defined your business you need to spread the word. Here’s how you can do that

Make a logo: and place your logo prominently everywhere you can to increase brand visibility.

Create a Tagline: Write a short simple and to the point tagline that describes your business and its motto effectively. Ensure that your tagline communicates your idea behind your band.

Pitch: Make and practice a pitch which explains how your products/or services are better than you competitors.

Connect with the Audience: You can speak, write, teach, or present your niche expertise at various platforms along with your logo, goal and tagline for easy recall.

Use Social Media: Make some noise about your brand. Promote your brand across all the actively used social media channels available. Networking, word-of-mouth and referrals are traditional yet effective methods to spread the word about your products and services.

Blogs and Content Marketing: You could even blog or use content marketing to help customers and relate with your brand by providing them with relevant and informative content that is useful for them. You could even write and issue press releases to the media, post press releases to your website or directly onto the internet and pitch feature story ideas to the media.

Stay in Touch: Keep the communication on. Stay in touch with your customers and prospects via email, newsletters It is good to be conversational. Keep the communication aligned with your brand.

Be in-sync: Stick to a single theme. Keep the format, color and designs in-sync while designing your templates and marketing material. It need not be fancy or complex, just ensure it is all consistent.

Participate in Business Events: To make your brand visible and to aid easy recall you can even participate in business events, conferences, seminars and product launches held in your city and if convenient even elsewhere.

Keep Your Word: Deliver what you promised you would. Your customers would refrain from coming back to you is you do not live up to their expectations. This will help your brand have a positive recall.

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