Using Instagram to drive traffic to your website

Yashu Mittal

You must have uploaded many images and videos on Instagram for promotion your products and services.

Unfortunately, you can paste a link of your website, by which users can link on that link and re-directed to your website.

But you can be a bad-ass driver of traffic to your business.

Nowadays, if you’re a small business you NEED to have a well-working website and be all up in social media. Instagram, in particular, has become the social platform of choice for millennials. In addition to using Instagram to upload pics of their uber-interesting lives (half sarcasm), people are also using Instagram as a new form of search engine.

Because so many people are on Instagram, having an account just for your business is a solid way to acquire customers and attract attention.

Gaining followers is as easy as pushing a button. Driving traffic to your website, however, well, that takes a bit of effort. Here are four tips to help you put the pedal to the medal.

Be a tease

In the movies, who is the main heroine always attracted to? The guy who gushes the sweet whisperings of his heart and soul? Or the gruff dude who has nothing to say but has mysterious eyes? Maybe it’s a little messed up, but the main character always has this “thing” for the guy who walks around cloaked in a shroud of mystery.

A little mystery can attract Instagrammers to your business, too. Tease your audience.

If you’re planning to announce a new event or product on your website, for instance, consider posting a picture on your Instagram site a week before the official announcement and hint at the fact that you have something new a brewin’. This can pique your audience’s interest and drive them to your site just to see what the big unveil is!

One of Instagram’s downfalls is that there isn’t an option to include links within your caption. However, when you edit your profile, there is a space for you to provide a URL. You can keep a link to your website in that prime spot or switch it up.

Make the most of the link in your Instagram bio.

Let’s say you’re promoting a new product/event/service on your site and you want to post about it on Instagram. In your caption, remember to say “link in bio” to direct people to the URL in your profile.

Pro tip: To avoid long, ugly links, shorten your URL with or If you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to track how many clicks that link has received.

Highlight blog posts

If your website includes a blog, make sure to draw attention to it on your Instagram. Not everyone who follows you on Instagram will religiously follow your blog. Keep your followers in the know by offering up an image and brief blurb about a new blog post with a link in your bio to the full post on your site.

Host contests and giveaways

Everyone likes a good contest, right? Announce a new contest or giveaway on your Instagram, but don’t reveal all the details. Tell your followers to click the link in bio in order to get the full set of guidelines. This is a fairly surefire way to drive traffic to your website. For even more engagement, tell your followers in advance that the winners will be announced on a certain date on your site and to keep checking back for updates!

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