What makes an effective landing page?

Yashu Mittal

It takes a mere fraction of a second for a visitor to evaluate and form an opinion on your website (and as a result, your brand). Bearing in mind that itty-bitty detail, making the perfect first impression should be a top priority. So what does it take to win over these potential leads? A quality landing page that provides an awesome experience.

There’s no guaranteed formula for building a flawless landing page, but it’s not hard to see that some of the best and most effective sites have a number of things in common.

Seven Must-Have Components of a Flawless Landing Page:

  1. Compelling imagery: The world runs on visuals! Choose high-quality, attention-grabbing images or videos that are relevant to your cause. Bonus points if they spark an emotion!

  2. Attractive Design: Keep your design clean and simple, yet impactful. Color matters. Pick a scheme that sets the mood, and pair that with a seamless layout. Consider whitespace and legibility — give your content room to breathe.

  3. Powerful Copy: Intrigue. Empower. Persuade. The headline of the site is your most promising opportunity to hook attention. Concisely tell your visitors what you’re offering. The sub-headline should elaborate on the problem you’re solving, and ultimately persuade your visitor to buy, click, join, or at the very least, learn more.

  4. Easy Navigation: Anticipate what your users will be searching for and provide a clear path for them to get where they need to go.

  5. Effortless Call-To-Action: Be the solution your potential customers are looking for, and offer it to them in one click!

  6. Interactivity: Interactivity stimulates interest, and there are so many unique ways to keep your users engaged on the site: Try scroll storytelling like Tumblr or video surfing like Leap Second.

  7. Offer: Free stuff and discounts rock! Your visitors might be more inclined to sign up or drop their e-mail in exchange for an e-book, a free trial or a percentage off their first purchase.

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