Why Is Vue.js Gaining 🔥 Heat These Days?

Yashu Mittal

Vue.js has released 1 year after react.js and still, it has completed in the terms of stars and believe me or not in past few days it is one of the trending repositories on GitHub Trends.

Comparising between Vue and React Github stars

That’s not all

Both Vue and React, shares lot of similarities

In my experience, Vue introduces you to the concepts more gently. The default templating feels similar to Angular, with it’s v- directives. Building your components using the Vue object will feel familiar if you have experience with Ember, Backbone or similar MV frameworks.

React is definitely more simple. It provides only what’s necessary and gives you (nearly) complete freedom over how you use it. But that simplicity can sometimes be frustrating if you’re looking for guidance on the right way to do something. Vue is slightly more opinionated, but I’ve felt that its opinions help guide towards doing things the right way, which can allow you to be more productive in the long run. Plus the Vue documentation has always been great; very clear and easy to understand! Though React’s documentation has improved a lot recently.

All that said, I’m not sure I have an opinion on which is better but Vue definitely deserves the popularity it’s gained. To me, it feels like the better tool if the visual design of your app is more complex. When you’re focusing on markup and styling, having everything in one .vue file is a great experience!

Still, you can certainly accomplish all the same things with React. With Vue, you get a few more things out of the box and a bit more guidance and structure. Personally, there are times when I value that structure more than the freedom I get from React.

What do you think about this, let me know in the comment section below?

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