Why you should have a personal website?

Yashu Mittal

It’s a fact. If you don’t manage your online image, it will manage you. Remember those embarrassing pics and videos you posted on Facebook. Your parents saw them next day. That late night party tweet? Bet you wish you could take that one back. But for many people, this issue gets real when they decided to look for a job. That’s when they decided to look for a job. That’s when they realize they have to control what potential employers see about them online. And there’s no better way to do it than with a personal website.

I’m a great believer in the power of a website to promote a brand.

But you don’t have to be a multinational company to benefit from the promotional power of the web. Anyone who wants to make an impression online - whether it’s to land a sweet new job, promote a pet project, or just connect with like-minded netizens - can do it with a personal website.

Why you should have a personal website?

Beyond Social Media

Let’s say you have a kick-ass social media profile. Do you really need a personal website? “Yes”. Why?

"The more pieces of original work you have to show, the more important it is to have your own site. If someone is claiming to be an expert in something, I want to see the evidence."

Yes, you can attach documents, photos, videos and slides to your social media profile, but you’re limited in how many files you can upload. And you can’t include customer testimonials - a must for independent contractors looking to get hired.

Benefits of a personal website

According to Forbes, more than half of all hiring managers are more interested in personal websites than any other branding tool. A custom website gives you free reign over what’s on it, so of course a headhunter would expect it to provide the best view of your personality, skills and experience.

Having your own personal website:

  1. Gives you complete freedom to show who you are, in everything from colors to layout to the type of imagery you choose.
  2. Shows you’re serious about your career and willing to put in time and effort to move up.
  3. Serves as a living archive of your job history, education, accomplishments and hobbies.
  4. Can feature customer testimonials, as well as numerous pictures, project documents and videos.

Running a business while also looking for a job? Having a separate website for your job search just makes sense. That way, clients won’t be confused by seeing a resume and recruiting managers are never presented with a shopping cart.

It’s all starts with a domain name

Getting a Personal website all starts with a domain name. Behind every website, there’s a domain name. I like to think of it this way: Just as we give friends our street addresses so they can find our houses, we give people our domain names to help them locate our websites. It’s what they type into their browser bar to find us online. Only in this case, the real estate’s virtual.

There are many domain provider out there in the market.

Then the fun begins

Once you’ve found your domain name, the next step is to build a website. There are many website building tools out in the market for building websites.

It’s not always you have time or talent to build one, that’s why CodeCarrot comes in as a Web and Mobile Application Developer. Providing website development service.

It’s a mobile world, so make sure the website you end up with will be viewable on mobile devices like smartphones and iPads. Nothing turns visitors away faster than a website that’s hard to see or use on the device they happen to be using at the moment.

Once your website is live, show it off! Add your web address to your business card, resume, email signature and social media profile. Keep your site up to date, even after you’ve landed the new job. You never know when a hiring manager might be looking for someone like you to fill an even better position.

Do you also want a website for yourself? Get a successful project with Codecarrot.

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